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Hi there, I’m Maya. Hey, I know it’s tough. Let’s face it, there’s just not enough time for all the creative and actionable content you need. Or, you would rather spend it doing something more fun than digging through the Internet and crafting emails. (that’s just my kind of fun wink).

But if you want your content to cause excitement, drive concrete results, win you the authority in your niche and keep you on top, I am the go-to gal. 

I’ll write all the content you need in your brand and tone – from your blog posts to your landing page copy – so you can cross content off your to-do list and focus on delivering value to your clients.

And you won’t have to hold my hand in the process.

Creative Content Rules

You can feel it in your bones, can’t you?

Infographics and videos are conquering the Internet, yes. But, can you sell ANYTHING without the backup of words?


Be a go-to brand

Speak loud and clear to your audience, Use distinctive writing voice. Educate and entertain. That’s the way to stand out and stick in their minds.

Pick up more Leads

More leads, more conversions. More conversions, more money. What that really means is more playtime for you. My copy always comes with your playtime in mind.  


E-mail sequences

How many emails do you get daily? Too many, right?

And just how many end up in your SPAM folder before you’ve even considered reading them?
You do not want that to happen with the e-mails you send.
* * *
I am all for choosing a natural, conversational style and a personal tone (when appropriate), rather than sounding like a TV commercial or a formal business memo.
Every email I craft will:
– be unique and differentiate your message and brand from the crowd.
– set up expectations for your subscriber right at the start of any email.
– focus on THEIR benefits and interests.
– be straight to the point.
– include a story or personal details (if appropriate)
– put a clickable and inviting CTA
– AND test & follow up so we can figure out together what works best.
Tell you what.
Landing pages

Landing pages are vital to your online business success. Crucial. Every word counts. But I don’t want to talk you into hiring me to write them for you.

I want to show you.

Check out my landing page sample and you’ll discover a cute & free offer on it too.

Video Scripts
There is no room for fluffiness in your videos, whether they be informational, explainer videos, or dramatic ones. Video scripts simply have to be brief, straight to the point and to keep up the pace with the attention of your audience. Otherwise, they just won’t do for your biz.
Creating captivating blog posts is a kind of art. People read them because they need help with something,  but if you smother them, they will click away. If you make it too impersonal, they won’t feel the connection. Yet if you get too chummy they might think you are not an expert. And that’s just one point.
Website pages
Homepage and about me page are the core of your website. An average reader only scans a web page for about 3 seconds, so you have only a tiny bit of time to inform them, make an impression and inspire them to take action. The wording on your web page has to be laser sharp and focused around the next step you want your audience to take. At the same time, every page copy has to be fully integrated with the rest of the website. 
E-books and freebie tutorials
Give some to get some. This is the well-known “law of the Internet,” (and otherwise). You want your freebies well structured, informative, helpful, and in a word, valuable to your audience unless you want them to hit the unsubscribe button as soon as they’ve opened their free content.

what clients say about me

Maya wrote about a dozen guest blog posts for us that were all well-crafted, engaging and sharp.

She is easy to talk to and gets the job done quickly to a high standard.

Will Coombe

CEO, Sharpe Digital

I’m a web designer and a tech VA. It’s not that I can’t write. I created the initial copy on my website copy myself. But those words didn’t speak to my clientele. I didn’t point out the problems they face and the benefits they’d have if hiring me.

Also, the overall message just wasn’t impactful enough.

And I didn’t have the time (nor I wanted) to deal with persuasive word – crafting. So I hired Maya.

Now my website pages communicate who I am, what I do and how I ease my clients’ lives. Loud and clear. As a cherry on top, the whole website is fun to read.

And Maya? I think she is all you want in a copywriter – responsive, savvy and easy to talk to.

Kat Salonga

Owner , Virtual, At Last

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