AND I’m giving you the first email for FREE

I promise not to share your info or clutter your inbox

Let me take your email marketing campaign off your hands, so you'd have more time to:


Work ON your business, instead of in it


Focus on improving your product or service


Spend a day at the beach and drink beer

So what will happen to your emails if you hire me to write them?

They will NOT end up in spam

Because I have the list of 200+ spam words which I'm careful not to use in my email copy.

The subject headlines I write are not salesy nor spammy.

Your subscribers will OPEN emails you send

Because I understand how important the subject lines are. And I make them relevant and personal.

Your emails will SELL (if that's their purpose)

I craft copy that treats your audience with dignity and respect. They get to be the hero, not your company, you or your brand. I talk about their pain points and how you solve them.

But, I get you don’t know me and you don’t want to invest in a no-name content writer before you make sure they will take good care of your audience, leads, subscribers and clients.

Hiring a well-established copywriter in the online service industry can be pricey. And you’re just not there. Yet.

Think of it this way:

This is your message

And this is how I deliver:

And the best part?

I WILL write THE FIRST EMAIL in your sequence FOR FREE. Tell me what you need NOW and get your free email (up to 500 words) in just a few days.

You can’t go wrong if you hire me to write the first email to your sequence

Because there is:

* No charge

* No risk

* No hard feelings if you choose not to use.

And because you'll see me in action:

* taking the time to learn about your business and your target audience

* asking all the right questions to understand EXACTLY what you need.

* brainstorming ideas and suggestions for you.

* following your directions.

So scroll back up and claim your first FREE email now.

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