Website copy

Virtual, At Last! is a website with an aim to introduce Kat, a talented web designer, tech VA and her services to her mom – entrepreneur clients and encourage them to hire her.


I wrote more than 30 sales pages for How did they do? They’re part of a bigger marketing campaign which I’m also working on. Not done yet, though.


Kate is an amazing relocation coach and I consulted her to write her own copy. We aimed at enticing the potential clients to book a discovery call with Kate and hire her to help them relocate.

Video script sample

Watch this video and see how I can help you market your software, app or an online service.

What All Writers Need to Learn From the British Cycling Team

Read about marginal gains and how this effective writing app (ProwritingAid) can speed & tighten your writing allowing you to make more money.

What kind of conversion based copy do you need?