I want to get to know you


Your everyday life, your work, your clients must be full of stories.

Why did you choose to help others? Where do you find your inspiration? Are you an Empath, gentle, intuitive soul, capable of empowering people just by listening to them or are you a soldier couch,  who swears in to-do lists and actionable worksheets?

And then, I want to weave your story into a copy with the purpose.

I mean, you’ve surely heard this before: “the money is in the list,” or “your homepage is the lobby of your business.”

However, if you have no idea how to concoct your words to make the measurable impact or the time to figure it all. Or you simply can’t be bothered – don’t worry.

Because though you are yet to discover, you CAN count on me to optimize the content you need for conversion.

And the best part?

It will sound so much like you that nobody will realize you didn’t write it all yourself.

That’s my promise!

I custom tailor all my writing to reflect your brand, engage your people and make them take Action


E-mail sequences
I am all for choosing a natural, conversational style and a personal tone (when appropriate), rather than sounding like a TV commercial or a formal business memo.
Every email I craft will:
– have effective & inviting subject line.
– be unique and differentiate your message and brand from the crowd.
– set up expectations for your subscriber right at the start of any email.
– focus on THEIR benefits and interests.
– be straight to the point.
– include a story or personal details (if appropriate)
– put a clickable and inviting CTA
– AND test & follow up so we can figure out together what works best.AAA
Landing - sales PAGES
Whether a quicky lead-capture landing page or a detailed long-form sales one, landing (sales) pages are vital to your online business success. Crucial for your conversions and your sales.

They have one goal, and one goal only. But many tasks. And every word counts.

Website pages copy
Homepage, Services page and About me page are the core of your website. The window dressing of your business. An average reader only scans a web page for about 3 seconds, so you have only a tiny bit of time to grab their attention, inform them, touch them and inspire them to act.

So, the wording on your web pages has to be laser sharp and focused on the next step you want your audience to take. But, at the same time, the flow in between pages should be smooth, and the content engaging, relevant and attractive.

 But if you already:

  • know what you need
  • want to cut the info exchange and the onboarding process to the minimum 

getting started is easy

You can always reach me through my e-mail and we’ll set up a live chat or whatever you find suitable.  Then, we will work out the scope and all the details, just like this:

Get in Touch

Describe the project you have for me in as much detail as you can.


I will look at your request and send you a questionnaire. It’ll be cute – I don’t want to smother you. We will then set up a discovery chat (Skype, E-mail, Slack etc). I want to know you a bit, remember?


I will quickly send my offer for you to decide on.
Ok, anybody can say this about themselves. But it’s true. I am a careful listener, easy to talk to and I value your time above all.