THE world needs more of you

And you could use more freedom

Being free means having enough time to do what you love, business-related or not; plus to spend it with your loved ones, without the overwhelm and stressing about money.

Yes, it is possible. But how does a kick-ass, service-based entrepreneur (such as you) get more freedom?

Why, by letting the copy on their website, sales pages and emails do the heavy lifting, and sell for you!

You may know this, but just in case. . .

For your copy to make your ideal client into an actual one it has to:

  • Grab your audience’s attention and not let go,
  • Evoke feelings,
  • Communicate your brand and make it stick in the readers’ mind.
  • Include credibility and trust factors,
  • Overcome your ideal clients’ objections,
  • Lead ‘em guide’em and subtly nudge them to opt-in, reply, sign in and BUY.

Oh, but why, oh why?

Because only the copy that connects to your audience turns them into clients. converts.

And has a great potential of winning you more freedom.

Hi, I’m Maya

And this is where I step in.

If copy crafting is not your zone of genius,  or you have better things to do (no judgment here) I’m your go-to-gal!

A conversion copywriter who helps service based, heart-centered entrepreneurs get more opt-ins, sign-ups and hires, and move closer to amazingly successful, free lives they deserve. 

Ready for a copy that sets you free?

here’s what I can help you with

Fancy up your website

Who are you? What makes you stand out? How will your clients benefit from interacting with you?

Wrapped up in a pretty design, your website copy should answer all these questions and leave your readers hungry for more of your vibe, guidance and your solutions.

build trust through email marketing

Straight from a hearty welcome sequence, to a brand new high-ticket service launch one, email marketing is your #1 way to communicate with your audience, and nurture your relationship for the mutual benefit.

Seal The Deal With a Sales Page

Writing a successful sales page is like assembling pieces of a puzzle. Every paragraph plays a role. Every word counts. If done right, your prospect should feel excited get on a call with you or click on that cha-ching button.  

Wanna copy that saves you time and makes you money?

Some Client Love

I really enjoyed working with Maya. She was highly proactive and thought along with me, which is something I find deeply valuable in team members.

Maya’s communication style was very clear and transparent. She took initiative, did her research and was able to beautifully capture my voice. The quality of her work was stellar – her first draft made me laugh out loud.

I would definitely hire her again and can only highly recommend her.

Maggie Giele

Msc, CEO, Maggie Giele

Maya is everything you want in a copywriter – digital marketing savvy, skillful at harnessing the power of words and easy to work with. 

We‘re a digital marketing agency that seeks to provide an outstanding UI/UX experience for both our clients and theirs. We hired Maya to write a website copy for our new website.

The idea was to strengthen our brand message and aim at a different target audience. We needed someone who can write engaging copy focused on conversions. We loved working with Maya for she’s straightforward, easy to communicate, collaborative and responsible. And the final copy was spot on! 

Vladimir Andric

CEO, SuperScript.

I recommend Maya’s services to anyone who’s out for a sharp and reliable copywriter.

Maya’s been working with us for several months, writing emails, sales pages, and blog posts. Her copy is full of life, it flows, and, most importantly, it converts. Maya adopted the tone of our websites and our emails quickly and easily and devised engaging copies even for some of our least interesting products (which wasn’t easy). It was a pleasure to work with her!

Jelena Radovanovic

CMO, Guided Mind LTD