Your Conversion Copywriter
You’re in the business of nudging people to change. Whether it’s their mindset, the way they do business, or how they see themselves and the world around them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 1 on 1 success coach. Or if you’re offering a complex mindset training online course.

Your job is to show them the way out of their comfort zone, ease their discomfort while they suffer through the process and “hold their hand” until they get to the other side.

And MY job is to help you do it!

See, the problem with people (both you and I included) is that no matter how much they want to succeed in whatever they are trying to achieve, and do their happy dance on the other side, they doubt, change their minds, procrastinate, and hold it off for as long as they can.

They do that with both, transforming their lives and engaging with someone to lead the way.

Not to mention people can choose from the vast sea of fish of all sizes and colors to help them bring about gains they’re after.

And his is where I come in.

I’ll listen to your story and translate it into a message that will sway your prospects into giving YOU a chance to help them. 

To show them they can trust YOU enough to invest their time and their money in the product and/or the service you’re offering.

And to make them feel like it’s the best investment they’ve ever made!

On the less inspirational and more specific note, you can trust me to deliver strategic content in your brand’s voice that will communicate:

  • How your service/product will improve your audience’s life
  • What it does, how it works
  • Your uniqueness, values & what you stand for

I’ll help you connect with your ideal audience, touch them, teach them, surprise them and give them value. “Yeah, right,” say you in my vivid and sometimes overly analytical mind, “but how can I be sure you can write E X A C T L Y what I need. How do I know you can reach my audience?” Fair enough.

At this point, you can’t.  Much like your clients and customers, really. They can’t be 100% sure if engaging with you will make a difference before they’ve worked with you, used your product or read a few pages from your book.

You can’t be sure if I am the right choice to reach out to your audience before you contacted me, introduced me to your project and your specific audience and discussed it with me. And even then you must wait for the final draft.  And the results.

And in all honesty, I can’t be sure either.

However, I can tell you that I have an unusual and rich life and professional experience to draw from;  It includes living in Syria for 7 months and visiting Iraq (before the wars and before I used the Internet), working for one of the most successful corporations in the world, (PwC, Serbian rep. office), translating a bunch of self-help books and videos, and reading hundreds more, having two kids, losing 66lb.

Also, discovering plus pursuing the vocation I am deeply and helplessly in love with. You’re guessing, right? It’s the conversion-focused copywriting. The truth is, I would love to tell you: “Hire me and I’ll write your way to your first $1.000.000.” But, alas, I can’t make that promise. Not yet, that is. (wink, wink) What I can promise you, though is that I care about your business. And the people you’re trying to reach. And touch. And that I’ll do my absolute best to help you reach and serve as many of them as possible. I’m confident that the numbers will follow.

The question is, are you?


I would be lying to you if I let you believe that I am a native English speaker. I am a Serbian from Belgrade, who can cut & trim you the awesome copy, both with my Serbian and English scissors. Yet if it so happens that you run into native accent bumps and lumps, I will be happy to correct them in no time at all. But that’s all they are, bumps in the road. Lift up your eyes. Look at the road. It is the path to your online success paved with internet marketing savvy word-crafting.
I am in love with life, beauty, and nature. I care about people and I am naturally supportive. Being a mom of two isn’t easy, but I adore my kids. They drive my desire to thrive both as a business owner and as a human being. I read. I dream. I admire the brave and the word impossible kind of annoys me. Oh, and if you don’t like Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of Sherlock Holmes, please don’t talk to me wink