Do you need a break?

Yes? In that case, let me take the pain of website & funnel copy creation for you.

You love your business. And your clients (most of them, anyway).

But when did you last take a few days for you – without cringing in fear that the time off will drill a huge hole in your bank account?

This is what I believe, ok? 

You should be free to work when you want, as much or as little as you want, and have enough money to indulge yourself in occasional luxuries, like sipping a glass of prosecco for no apparent reason or spontaneously taking a week off to take your kiddos on a trip. Or whomever.

Am I naive? A silly ol’ dreamer?


Will it stop me from trying to win you more freedom?


I can’t recommend working with Maya enough!

I hired Maya to write engaging, chick and persuasive copy for my welcoming sequence that would align with my brand, instill trust with my readers and produce sales, which was somewhat challenging.

Maya’s copy was a perfect blend; a smooth flow. As soon as I started reading the emails, it was crystal clear – she nailed it!

And on top, she was very reliable, easy to work with, and fast as well.

Daniela Korenc

CEO, DK Glowy

Great copy makes money.

It’s a given.

It greets your website visitors where they are. It shows them you get them, and gently guides them into the world of your solutions and their transformation.

Great web copy will weave in your values, beliefs, results, and accomplishments. And your unique personality, so they recognize and remember – it is YOU who is the best choice to help them. 

I get it though – as a course creator, a coach or another service-based business owner you couldn’t wait for the long-term plan to drive traffic through your website to come to life, so you built your business through your Fb group, live webinars, IG, or LinkedIn.

So you might have neglected your website.

The problem is – you’re missing out. A l.o.t!

Because unlike the Fb group, live webinars, IG, or LinkedIn, a well designed and optimized website is the ONLY online real estate that can bring you leads in your sleep.

It’s only the website that can be your team member, hostess, and a salesperson that works 24/7, and can generate leads, even clients on AUTOPILOT.

So if copywriting isn’t your jam, and you want to feel confident that your web & funnel copy checks all the boxes…

Or if you’re not happy with how you presented yourself or/and your offers…

Or if you simply need to refresh & rebrand your website copy…


From a catchy headline to a captivating CTA, the copy help you write or write for you will be laser-focused on getting you more clients & sign-ups, aka more of that sweet, savory taste of free time, ease and leisure you’re craving for!

So, this is me. Maya Saric

A website copywriter with a knack for exciting personal brands and a thing for flamingos 🦩🤷‍♀️. 

Fusing strategy, SEO, your brand, client data, consumer psychology, and benefits of your offer into a persuasive copy that gets you results is my jam.

Being a mom of 3  adorable mischiefs (2 kids and a puppy ) is the most important role of my life. 

Ethical marketing, honesty, collaboration, and integrity is what I value.

And the freedom to manage my own time (read binge-watch Netflix feeling NO guilt) and do what I love the most for a living is what I believe in and I want for you too.

Curious to hear the story of how a gal from Serbia became a copywriter writing in English, serving clients from all over the world?

I liked working as an admin assistant in PwC (Belgrade rep.) one of the greatest international consulting corporations in the world. But what I liked most about it is that I translated from and wrote in English every day.

Alas, admin life wasn’t for me, my soul craved for something more creative. 

So I translated a bunch of books English to Serbian – all published, with my name as a translator. #proud

But that didn’t cut it either. Remembering how I spent 7 months in Syria, visiting Lebanon, and Iraq only one month before the war in 2003 started before I had a cell phone and before I knew what “hostel” is, I realized I needed more adventure in my everyday life. 

It was a crazy, scary leap, but I made it!

I didn’t let the fear that no one will hire me as I’m not a native English speaker stop me.

I had a dream and I went on to fulfill it.

And now – I have:

More than almost 4 years of experience in copywriting for the web;  blog posts, emails, sales pages, and website copy for business owners such as an OBM LinkedIn coach, leadership coach and a public speaker, more business coaches, architect & interior design studio, affirmation MP3 creators, digital agency, chiropractor, a platform for dental tourism, escape room, hotels, etc. 

20+ websites and sales pages in English and Serbian language under my belt.

And a vision to use my gifts and love for a compelling copy to help you fulfill your dreams.

I’d l o v e to help you create a captivating copy for your website and funnel.

So you can sit back and enjoy the outcome.

And do what YOU do best.

Or nothing.

Your choice.

Because I believe you earned that choice.  

And if you do to


Website copy (DFY)

Website Content Makeover plan (review + suggestions for improvement)

Shortcut to a stunning copy (strategy call)

Sales funnel copywriting (DFY)


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