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website copy makeover plan 

For service-based entrepreneurs who want their website visitors to turn into leads and clients on autopilot, so they can have more freedom in their business & life.

Do you want your website to pump your email list with crisp fresh leads?

Do you want frequent discovery calls to “miraculously” appear booked in your calendar?

Do you want website pages that charm your ideal clients into actual ones?

sounds like the boost your conversions 🚀 is for you!

I will review your website copy and give you easy-to-implement and super-actionable suggestions that cover the 3 pillars of high-converting copy:

✔️Memorable brand (voice & communication style)

✔️Ultra-relevance to your ideal clients

✔️ Mega user-friendliness

I totally recommend Maya to anyone who feels unsure about their website copy and could use a specialist to guide them.

She went above and beyond during the analyses of my website. It’s amazing how an experienced professional like her can have an in-depth perception over things I didn’t even know were missing. With her sharp eyes, she went page per page in so many details. Now I can apply all the useful editing suggestions on my website.
And the best part is that if it gets too much of a hustle, she can do it for you!

Pamela Mareco

Owner & Brand strategist, Wild Creative Studio


Before I get on with the deets, tell me this – How would it feel if you:

  • Knew precisely what to improve, so that your copy resonates with your ideal clients while it fluently speaks your brand?
  • Were confident that the page you wrote is 100% optimized for conversions.
  • Could focus all your attention on driving the traffic to your website, because you know once your prospects land there, it’s a done deal?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know EXACTLY what to change to make your copy convert better?

Time for the nitty-gritty

This what you get inside the Boost Your Conversions 🚀 Website Copy Makeover Plan 

  • A Questionnaire (so I can get to know your biz, goals, your services, and your ideal client) before the review. That will allow me to give you suggestions, tailored to your ideal clients and goals, and not shoot in the dark.

  • A video recording  I’ll go through your page, paragraph by paragraph, and give you recommendations and explanations on how to improve your copy in relation to user-friendliness, focus on your target clients’ problems and your brand voice.

  • A written summary of the most high-impact recommendations that you can implement right away.

AND THIS IS WHAT I’ll look into, in more details

…throughout your website copy and depending on the particular goals of each page and paragraph. 


✅ Website structure

✅ Navigation

✅ CTA placement

✅Clarity (headlines, subheadings, paragraphs, and CTAs)

✅ Length of paragraphs

✅ Clutter

✅ Testimonial placement

✅ Choice of visuals


✅ Is it clear who your copy is targeting?

✅Do you highlight the benefits they’ll have if working with you?

✅Is it easy for them to understand who you are, whom you serve and what you do?

Your brand

✅ Is it easy to recognize elements of your brand?

✅Do you have a unique brand voice that shines through your copy?

✅Do you share your why, values, mission, vision, and beliefs, so you can attract your ideal clients?

✅ Can they easily work out why you are the  best choice for them?

But, is the Boost Your Conversions 🚀 Website Copy Makeover Plan right for me – me?


  • You know your audience and ideal clients, and you’re good with words, buuut you’re not sure a pro copywriter would sign it off.

  • You gave your best shot to writing hot website pages, but you’d like to see them convert even better.

  • You’re in the first stages of your venture, (read: you’re bootstrapping), writing is NOT your zone-of-genius, but you know the amaze-balls copy is vital for your biz to succeed.

  • You did your best work but now you don’t have neither  the energy nor the time to figure out how to improve your copy on your own.

  • You’re a crisp fresh service-based biz owner with a corporate background and translating the robo-talk you’re used to into a more casual talk your ideal clients use is giving you a headache. 

  • You simply want another set of expert eyes on your copy because you know two heads are better than one.

In that case YASS. Boost Your Conversions 🚀 will help you increase the conversions on your website and make more sales!

However, the Boost Your Conversions 🚀 Website Copy Makeover Plan is NOT for you if:

🚫You don’t have any traffic (no traffic- no conversions), nor a plan on how to drive it to your website pages;

🚫You don’t intend to apply the suggestions I give you;

🚫Your conversions are already killing it;

Hi, I’m Maya, and i’m a joy factor

fighter copywriter

You’re whaaat?

Here’s the thing – I believe you (he, she, it, they, all of us) should have more freedom – more time and money to do what you want, when you want it,  (on a scale from Netflix binge watching your fave TV show to working out your new offer and a launch strategy), more leisure, ease and joy in your business and life.

And the best way to enjoy more joy and leisure, as an online business owner, is to have an effective website copy do the heavy-lifting of converting visitors into leads without you lifting a finger. 

Now, whether you wrote your own copy because the budget is tight, or because you love writing, the more aspects of conversion focused copy you nail down, the better chance you have to actually sell your thing. 

And your copy will perform better if you get an extra set of pro copywriter’s eyes on it. 

I’m a philologist, translator, and a copywriter. I’ve been professionally writing sales copy for over 3 years, I’ve created copy for over 20 websites and sales pages (in Serbian and English combined), and I know what works and what doesn’t. 

Maya is everything you want in a copywriter – digital marketing savvy, skillful at harnessing the power of words and easy to work with. 

Vladimir Andric

CEO, SuperScript.

NO more

crafting content, videos and lives like crazy, only to hear the deafening sound of wooshing, as your visitors flee from your website pages.


wondering why your copy doesn’t work and combing through your old notes to find the answers.


of going through SO and SO copywriter’s tips (who know nothing of your voice and style, and cudgeling your brains if their tips are gonna work on your copy or not.



feeling uncertain and doubtful about one of the most critical aspects of online selling – your copy.

The sooner your website copy is optimized for a bunch of YASSes, the sooner you’ll start getting them.

So, how about to-day?

The investment?

Get ready for a shock! You have 4 days to get my website copywriter’s eyes and highly personalized suggestions so you can sky-rocket 🚀 your conversions on your website for only: 

45 EUR ($ 49)

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Ask for your Website That Gets You Leads & Clients Plan 🚀

3 + 7 =


If after reviewing your website you decide you want me to take the copywriting OFF your plate, I’ll take a 20% OFF my DFY service.

I’m all about serving and helping you get more clients, sign-ups, more money and have more freedom in your life. And I don’t want you to implement all the suggestions I give you only to find out they don’t work on your website.

So if you send me the screenshots of your stats before and after implementing my suggestions, providing that the website traffic remains the same, and there are no changes in conversions, you’ll get all your money back – no questions asked!

Ready to optimize your website copy for




How long will the website review take?

It’ll take me 4 – 6 working days to review your one page, and 5 – 10 days for the whole website. I’ll be able to give you a more precise answer once you make the request.

How do I pay you?

After I receive your request, I’ll send you the invoice and you can pay through Paypal, even if you don’t have an account with them. All you need is an email address and a credit card.

What if I delegate your suggestions to my VA to apply? Will she be able to implement it easily?

Yes. She can combine both the recording and the written instructions. Aaand if she (or you) have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them in a 30 min Q&A session upon your request.

Do you do website reviews in any language other than English?

Yes, I can also review your website copy in Serbian language.

Can we talk first? I’m interested, but I’m not sure we’re the best match.

Yes, of course! I’d be happy to chat with you and answer all the questions I haven’t covered here. You’re welcome to book our no-strings-attached FREE 30 min call here.