Talking to copywriters can take away too much of your precious time. Just too many emails back and forth. I should know, right?

That’s why I came up with these quick turnaround packages that will:

* Cut the process of information exchange to the minimum.

* Get you the copy that converts and sells.

No better way to create your coaching website than to join forces with a pro copywriter. She/he will put your strengths & uniqueness right on the spotlight. (Even if that copywriter isn’t me smile).

Start a relationship with your subscribers on the right foot.  Not only because you want to show up kind and helpful entrepreneur. As you are. But because your sales and sign-ins depend on it. Big time.

Your business grows and evolves. And so do you.  No reason your website copy shouldn’t. So change it. Slip into the new outfit. And we can work together to style and glam-up your new look. 

Boy, no other offer of mine will save you as much time as this one!

1 – 2 months (or more) of relationship building, love sharing, adding value with your tips and tricks and keeping your audience in the loop. 

A well-written, persuasive and to the point long-form sales page is perfect for established business or success coaches who created a new & comprehensive lead-magnet, programme, or a course.

For every lead magnet, course or coaching programme, no matter how small, your prospects deserve to know: “Why should I get this? How will my life change if I invest my time and/or money into this? And why should I trust them?”

And if you prefer to just tell me what you need, you’re MORE than welcome to. smile