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Freequently Asked Questions

How long will it take you to create the copy for my website?

It depends on 2 factors: 

1. If I’m involved in a client project and 2. Your specific website needs and requirements.

That said, roughly speaking, it takes around a week for me to create the basic 4 pages of website copy, 5 emails or 1 long-form sales page at the bottom of your funnel.

What if you’re already involved in a client project, and I’d like you to write the copy for my website?

No problem! If we talked and you decided work with me, I’ll tell you an approximate timeline for your project, and all you need to do lock the deal down by settling the down payment. 

Do you write copy for any languages other than English?

I can create copy in Serbian language too.

What if I’d like your help with my website or funnel, but I just don’t have a budget for you to write it?

Oh, I know all about tiny budgets, and I believe they shouldn’t be an obstacle for you to get an amazing copy, so I crafted these 2 offers specifically to help you! 

1. If you are yet to create a website copy, or a sales page:

Shortcut to a Stunning Website

2. If you want me to overhaul your website:

Website review