set yourself free from crafting the right Email CAMPAIGN

And still make money 

  • Do you procrastinate when you need to write a launch sequence for your new offer/course/program/fill in the blank?
  • You’d like to welcome every new subscriber with a warm nurturing hug and a handshake, and offer them your awesome lil’ something at the end of the sequence, buuut you’ve been putting off your welcoming sequence for ages!

  • You’d love to weave stories into your email sequences. In theory. In practice though, who has the time?

    I have your attention. Good! Now let me handle your email marketing campaign. I’ll write adorable emails that sound just like you, capture your prospects’ attention and present your offers all tucked in your personal brand.  

    You should know, though, I’m not creating emails for your clients to read with their eyes.


    The emails I write are for their fingers. Index finger, thumb, whatever finger is in charge of scrolling and clicking.

    The fingers can’t help it.

    They see a captivating subject line and they must click. They know what to expect from you and they can’t wait to open your emails.

    Because the fingers trust you, lady boss, you!

    As the fingers read through the email they think: “Wow, this is so like us, whoever wrote this email, knows us so well.”

    And they get the goosebumps when they learn about your new offer and realize how it can transform their lives. Then, they imagine wearing the fancy rings they had been fantasizing about. And how amazing it’ll be to have enough time to indulge in weekly manicures.

    By the time they reach the: “come on, you know you want it” button, the head doesn’t really have a say.

    The only thing your prospects get to decide is which finger will do the clicking.

    I can’t recommend working with Maya enough!

    I hired Maya to write engaging, chick and persuasive copy for my welcoming sequence that would align with my brand, instill trust with my readers and produce sales, which was somewhat challenging.

    Maya’s copy was a perfect blend; a smooth flow. As soon as I started reading the emails, it was crystal clear – she nailed it!

    And on top, she was very reliable, easy to work with, and fast as well.

    Daniela Korenc

    CEO, DK Glowy

    I recommend Maya’s services to anyone who’s out for a sharp and reliable copywriter.

    Maya’s been working with us for several months, writing emails, sales pages, and blog posts for a specific digital products designed to help people with their personal development.

    Her copy is full of life, it flows, and, most importantly, it converts. Maya adopted the tone of our websites and our emails quickly and easily and devised engaging copies even for some of our least interesting products (which wasn’t easy). It was a pleasure to work with her!

    Jelena Radovanovic

    CMO, Guided Mind LTD

    Well, guess what, my friend?

    You’ve now reached the “you know you want me to craft your copy button!”

    Well, I can’t know for sure, but listen to your fingers, K? 😉

    * Email sequences start from 580€/$637

    Why me? 🤔


    Because I know:

    • How to capture the unique charisma that helps you drive traffic to your funnels…
    • Combine it with the value you want to share in your emails…
    • And create hot, persuasive copy that’ll enchant your unicorn clients into opening your sales page.

    But hey, don’t take my word for it 👇

    I really enjoyed working with Maya. She was highly proactive and thought along with me, which is something I find deeply valuable in team members.

    Maya’s communication style was very clear and transparent. She took initiative, did her research and was able to beautifully capture my voice. The quality of her work was stellar – her first draft made me laugh out loud.

    I would definitely hire her again and can only highly recommend her.

    Maggie Giele

    Msc, CEO, Maggie Giele

    Maya is everything you want in a copywriter – digital marketing savvy, skillful at harnessing the power of words and easy to work with. 

    We‘re a digital marketing agency that seeks to provide an outstanding UI/UX experience for both our clients and theirs. We hired Maya to write a website copy for our new website.

    The idea was to strengthen our brand message and aim at a different target audience. We needed someone who can write engaging copy focused on conversions. We loved working with Maya for she’s straightforward, easy to communicate, collaborative and responsible. And the final copy was spot on! 

    Vladimir Andric

    CEO, SuperScript.