Two heads are better than one. That’s why the website pages you wrote (homepage, about me page and services page) and I rewrote will HIT the mark.

Your unique flair will show and the copy will speak straight to your audience.

Did you DIY your website pages, but the copy just doesn’t seem right anymore? You outgrew it. 

Or maybe it does, but it doesn’t convert well enough? Something’s off but you just don’t have the time to deal with it.

Would you like another set of eyes to use YOUR own words as the base and rewrite the copy to:

Feel right?

Work better?

If the answer is yes, I’d love to help you create website pages that reflect your unique personality, showcase your offer and woo your prospects into taking action. But not in a sleazy, sleeky, slimy, sucky way.

The scenario goes somewhat like this:

When you first created the copy for your website pages, it was right on the money. It captured your personality, your offer and it addressed to the right audience. But then your business took off!

And you evolved into this new person with different skills set, knowledge and experiences. Your ideal client changed as well. And so did the way you approach them. So, now your website copy needs to catch up!

But alas, you’re too busy and frankly, who has the time to grapple with the website copy, anyway. Ahem. I do and I l o v e it!

The FLAIR IN LAYERS package includes: 

Discovery Consult Call
Rewrite of the 3 core website pages (homepage, about me page and services page)
Three revisions

OK, I’m sold. What now?

For starters, we’ll schedule a call. We’ll chat – no strings attached. I want to get to know you and hear all about your business goals, your offer/programme/service, target audience and the website copy you had in mind.  If I still have questions I’ll send over a detailed questionnaire.  

BUT, if you decide not to go through with working together, the call is on me – no sweat. 

Next, I’ll put my copywriting hat on, go through all the info, do the research and shape up the snazzy copy for your website core pages. You will get all 3 of them in a Google doc. Within the deadline.

I will wait for your feedback and revise the copy 3 more times, at no extra charge. When you approve the pages, they’re good to go to your website and do their magic.


SAY YASS! to FLAIR IN LAYERS  WEBSITE PAGES now and get sharp & shiny website copy that turns your prospects into CLIENTS

Note: If you need me to write only one page –  can do.


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