KABOOM Long – form sales page

ORDER Kaboom sales page to showcase your product or service, sway your prospects, blow away their objections and make them sign-in!

  • Does the idea of writing a long form sales page to showcase your product or service make your stomach squirm?
  • You’re not even sure where to start?
  • Do you want your sales page not to be salesy or sleazy but still sell well?

If the answer to all these questions is YES, we’re on the same page. The sales page. I’ll be happy to take it off your hands and custom-tailor it around your unique offer.

So, how can you tell if you need a long-form sales page or not? Well, you can’t really be sure before you test it. But in general, long-form sales page works better if your product (service) is:

Hard on your prospect’s pocket. If you created this amazing online training programme and you want to charge good money for it, you need a compelling sales page to help your customers justify their expense.

Difficult to understand. If your audience can’t grasp what you’re offering, there’s no chance they will trust you enough to invest money in your product (service).

Unfamiliar to your audience. When your audience is unaware of the benefits your product or service could bring them, it is your responsibility to educate them. (If you want to sell it, that is).

This package includes:

1. Research and a Skype call
2. Long-form sales page
3. Two revisions

OK, I’m sold. What now?

When you order this package, we’ll schedule a Skype call. Get to know each other. We’ll talk about your business, goals, products or services, your brand, and your audience. You can ask me anything, and we’ll also cover the time frame details for the delivery. I may still have some follow up questions, afterward.

And if you decide not to go through with the order, the Skype call is on me – no sweat.

I will then get down to business – research, create top-tier copy for your Kaboom sales page and deliver it in a Google document.

After I have your feedback, I will revise the copy up to 2 more times, at no extra charge.

When you sign them off, they’re good to go.

The investment: $500

ORDER KABOOM, the LONG-FORM SALES PAGE, SELL your goodies and change somebody’s life (and yours) for the better.
And at the end, I’ve got a neat surprise for you.

If you order any other package (or stand-alone service) to go with your KABOOM long-form sales page you will get a 20% discount for both packages.

As an example, A month-long email campaign (25 emails) is perfect to complement the Kaboom.


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