I wrote more than 30 sales pages for positive affirmation albums on This is one of them.

Website copy

Virtual, At Last! is a website with an aim to introduce Kat, a talented web designer, tech VA and her services to her mom – entrepreneur clients and encourage them to hire her.

a blog post

(Title: Life’s too short to be anything other than an alpha male. Here’s how you become one)

If you need blog posts that drive traffic and (more or less) gently nudge your readers to subscribe to your email list OR you re-target your FB adds to them, check this one out. And if you like it, there’s more where that came from.


Kate is an amazing relocation coach and I consulted her to write her own copy. We aimed at enticing the potential clients to book a discovery call with Kate and hire her to help them relocate.

What kind of conversion based copy do you need?