A cup of freedom


Isn’t this why you started your business? To spend more time with your kiddos? Or sneak in a 30 min nap in the middle of your day (don’t give me that look! It’s scientifically proven it boosts productivity).

Maybe to travel more, but actually enjoy sightseeing instead of rushing past the landmarks, taking selfies to make your ‘gram look like you’re having the time of your life, while in reality, you’re spending 12 hours a day on your laptop, working your ass off for your next big thing.

So, so sad.

But guess what lady boss,

I’m a freedom fighter

At your service!


Hiring me to take that idea you’ve had on the back burner (for how long now?) and create copy that will enchant your audience into clients (in an ethical way with 100% respect rate) will save you LOOOADS of time and make you money.

Oh yeah, let’s do this!

what kind of project would you like me to set you free from?

Website Copy

Your website is a window display, interior design, shelves and items of your business. Along with a friendly conversation with the business owner. Aka you.

It’s a part of your funnel and it should be optimized to drive conversions – whether to lead people to subscribe to your email list, sign-in to your mastermind or hire you.

Want me to free you from this task?


Whether through a welcoming, or launching email sequence you send out to your audience, it’s how your brand and values reach them, it’s still the best way to nurture your relationship and sell your service or a program, with the astounding 38% ROI per $1.

Sure, lots of channels to do it, but emails are still the most intimate and they convert the best.

Also, when coupled with a great sales page, launch sequences are the coolest way to subtly nudge your ideal client (obviously, not just one) to invest in the services that will make a significant positive change in their life. And yours. 

Oh, if only there were someone to save you the time of crafting the high converting emails that sound like you and make you money.

Oh, but wait! There is.

sales pages

Whether a quick lead-capture landing page or a detailed long-form sales page for the audience already familiar with your brand, sales pages are vital to your online business success. Important aspect of your sale process.

They have one goal. Many tasks, but one goal only. And every word counts. (Not kidding, here. Every. Single. Word).

Wanna see how I can take your sales page off your hands?

wonder what’s working with me like?

I like to GET TO know you

I only work with clients I can talk to face to face. Zoom or Skype count.

I’m an intuitive copywriter and when you tell me about your business goals, ideal clients, their struggles and how you help them, I pick up on your vibes and personality too.

This is important because it helps me craft the copy that really sets you apart from your competition.

I value your time

I’m a freedom fighter, remember? And time IS money IS freedom. When you work with me, I’ll set up the time frame for your project, right from the start.

You’ll know when we meet, when I need info from you, when you’ll get the results from me and how long it’ll take me to revise the copy based on your feedback.

We’re in this together

Each piece of copy I craft for you will have 2 goals:

  1. To speak to your ideal client the way they need to hear it to opt-in, sign-in or hire you.

2. To represent your brand and sound like you.

So, for the copy to work 100%, we may need to meet more than once and you may need to comment and send feedback on the first draft so I can adjust it.

next steps

Brief me, my friend

What kind of copy do you need? What goals are you hoping to hit? Tell me a bit about your business and audience.

My proposal

The proposal will include the creative brief (to make sure I understood what you need), the time frame and my quote.

We’re on. Woohoo!

I’m sending you the virtual paperwork.

Research and analysis

Don’t worry, I’ll do the squinting. But you’ll need to meet me on a call and possibly answer some follow-up questions.

Switching my copywriting mojo on

You know what that means. The brand new captivating copy that’ll dazzle your prospects is on its way!

Ta - da 😄

I clicked “send,” but I’m here for your questions, feedback, tweak and revision requests.

Ready for step #1 in your quest for more freedom?

Waste no more time, and