For driven service-based and heart-centered business owners, ready to shape up their copy for more conversions!

This is it.

Your visitor landed on your page. Homepage, about me page, sales page, whatever page…

. . .the page you or your team have wrestled with all that content for months to bring them on to. 

. . .the page that’s supposed to bring you subscribers, clients, and buyers (btw,  every page on your website can bring you those. If done right).

Hm, but something’s not quite right.

Because the visitor left without engaging. 

Without so much as a wink.

And it sucks, right?

You worked your tuckus off to craft and promote the thing!

And the worst part? You’re not even sure why. 

You know your prospects as the back of your pocket, so the copy on your page should resonate with them.

Does it, though?

You wrote the copy, so it must speak your brand.

Are you sure about that?

And you’re positive the text doesn’t suck because you’ve always been great with words AND you went all the way through that cool copywriter’s online course. You follow the other great copywriters on Instagram and implement their tips too.

But did you implement the right tips, at all the right places? 

OK, OK, but the one thing, you’re 100% sure about, beyond any doubt, is that your program, course or service ROCK!

so why doesn’t your page convert?

Honestly, I don’t know. 


But, what if I told you that you can have a copywriter who focuses on conversions check out the copy on the page you choose, and give you PERSONALIZED suggestions on how to optimize it for conversions?

How would it feel: 

  • If you knew EXACTLY what to improve so that your copy resonates with your ideal clients while it speaks your brand?
  • If you were confident that the page YOU wrote is 100% optimized for conversions?
  • If you could focus all your attention on DRIVING the traffic onto the page because you know, once your prospects land there, it’ll do the job?


Wouldn’t it be amazing to know EXACTLY what to change to make your copy convert better?

well, this is your chance!

Nail Your Conversions Overhaul makes it perfect for you to communicate with your audience IN YOUR OWN VOICE, while I’ll make sure the copy is optimized to bring you the conversions you work so hard for.




Lovely Marjolaine

Sassy Heidi Medina

Caring Ombretta Mancini

Dreamy Hanna Saar

hi, i’m maya, and i’m a freedom fighter

You’re whaaat?

Here’s the thing – I believe you (he, she, it, they, all of us) should have more freedom. 


(On a scale from Netflix binge watching your fave TV show to working out your launch strategy). 

And one way to enjoy more freedom in your life is to have an effective landing page to do the heavy-lifting of selling for you.

Because every page is a sales page. 

Now, whether you wrote your own copy because you’re just starting out and the budget is tight, or because you L. O. V. E. writing, 

I hope you know how important it is to nail all the aspects of well-written copy to actually


And I hope you know that even if you attended the top-notch courses, and implemented all the guidelines and tips


Simply put, your copy will perform better if you get an extra set of pro conversion copywriter’s eyes on it. 

I’m a philologist, translator, and a copywriter. I’ve been professionally writing conversion copy for clients over 3 years and I know what works and what doesn’t. 

The heart whisperer Susan de Vriend

NO more

crafting content like crazy, only to hear the deafening sound of crickets, as your visitors flee from your sales pages. 


wondering why your copy doesn’t work and combing through your old notes to find the answers.


of going through SO and SO copywriter’s tips (who know nothing of your voice and style, and cudgeling your brains if their tips are gonna work on your copy or not.


you're done

feeling uncertain and doubtful about one of the most critical aspects of online selling – your copy.

Because, you’ve got me on your side, now.

Book Nail Your Conversions Overhaul and shape your copy for a whole new bunch of YASSes!

I’m sold, I wanna buy it now! ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

Take me to your Calendar, and let’s schedule our FREE + NO STRINGS ATTACHED CALL

Whoa, wait a minute!

Is Nail Your Conversions Overhaul right for me – me?


  • You know your audience and ideal clients, and you’re good with words, buuut your page doesn’t convert well. And you’re not sure why

  • You’re in the first stages of your venture, (read: you’re bootstrapping). Writing is NOT your zone-of-genius, but you know the amaze-balls copy is vital for your biz to succeed.
  • You did your best work but now you don’t have the energy nor the time to figure out how to improve your copy on your own.
  •  You’re a crisp fresh entrepreneur with a corporate background and you have problems translating corporate talk into a more casual one your ideal clients use.
  • You simply want another set of expert eyes on your copy because you know two heads are better than one.


However, the Nail Your Conversions Overhaul is NOT for you if:


  • You don’t have any traffic (no traffic- no conversions), nor a plan on how to drive it to your landing pages;


  • You don’t intend to apply suggestions I give you;


  • Your conversions are already killing it;

I get it. You need to see the nitty-gritty first. 

This is what you get in the Nail Your Conversions Overhaul:

  • A Questionnaire (so I can get to know your biz, goals, your service, and your ideal client) BEFORE I start working on your copy;

  • A recording  I’ll go through your page word by word and give you recommendations and explanations on how to improve it.

  • A written summary of recommendations and suggestions, so you can easier implement them.

The investment?


You will get my conversion copywriter’s eyes on their landing page, and 100% personalized suggestions on how to optimize the copy, to drive more conversions, for 97 EUR.

Book Nail Your Conversions Overhaul now! ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

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Still on the fence?

Here is one more reason to take me up on this offer

I bet your eyes are on your content. On posting regularly on LinkedIn, on being creative in your Stories, on doing lives & videos, writing blog posts and providing valuable tips in your FB groups. 

Oh, and let’s not forget networking and all the hours you spend mingling with people. 

And you love it! (For the most part anyways).  

But you also need to pay your bills. And the ice-cream to go with your coffee.  And the pages your visitors land on, for some reason don’t bring that much sought after cha-ching. 

Now I’m not one of those marketers who’ll tell you that a cool website is a necessity or that you can’t sell a course without a sales page.  

Because you can.  

Because there is more than 1 right way. 

And because some people will be happy just to DM you and say: “Are you free to hop on a call with me. I’m interested in your…?” 

But the fact is that many people you worked so hard to dazzle on your channels WILL check out your landing pages. 

Many prospects WILL expect to get the full tour of your brand, personality AND your service/program/course/membership/workshop/freebie when they click to visit. 

So why disappoint them and drop the chance to get closer, to helping them solve their biz issue and improve their lives. 

AND while you’re at it, to earn some money and make up for some of that coffee you had while crafting all that content 🙂 


And yet another reason


If you implement the suggestions I gave you WITHIN a WEEK, you’ll also get a follow-up check-up with a few more action steps on what to consider, improve, or correct on your page for your copy to convert better.

And one more!

I really, really want to help you get more clients, sign-ups, more money and eventually more FREE time. And I don’t want you to take off your ear buds after listening to my recording with that bitter feeling known as: “Oh, f** this was a waste of money.”

If you don’t think the recommendations and suggestions I shared on the call can help, let me know. 

You won’t get the recording and the suggestions in writing, nor the bonus follow up, but you’ll get all your money back – no questions asked!

How about now?

Ready to optimize your page for conversions, and start rockin’ those sales?


Are you kidding? I’d love to! Head over to my Calendar, and let’s schedule our FREE + NO STRINGS ATTACHED CALL!

MOre <3 from my clients

I really enjoyed working with Maya. She thought along with me, which is something I find deeply valuable in team members.

Maya’s communication style was very clear and transparent. She took initiative, did her research and was able to beautifully capture my voice. The quality of her work was stellar – her first draft made me laugh out loud.

I would definitely hire her again and can only highly recommend her.

Maggie Giele

Msc, CEO, Maggie Giele

Maya is everything you want in a copywriter – digital marketing savvy, skillful at harnessing the power of words and easy to work with. 

We‘re a digital marketing agency that seeks to provide an outstanding UI/UX experience for both our clients and theirs. We hired Maya to write a website copy for our new website.

The idea was to strengthen our brand message and aim at a different target audience. We needed someone who can write engaging copy focused on conversions. We loved working with Maya for she’s straightforward, easy to communicate, collaborative and responsible. And the final copy was spot on! 

Vladimir Andric

CEO, SuperScript.