Hello & welcome email hug


GET customized welcoming email sequence and start monetizing your list in no time!

Would you like to welcome your every subscriber with a warm nurturing hug and a handshake? Right after they sign in to receive one of your super helpful free goodies? And then sit down and have a cute little chat about how you can serve them and your background story.

Because that’s what a welcoming sequence is all about:

“Thank you! I’m super excited you’re here. This what you’ve signed up for & this is who I am. I‘m here to help you, I want to hug you and I can‘t wait to see you thrive”!

I’m guessing you already know this, but just in case: these few first emails set the tone for your entire relationship with your subscribers and determine how much trust, time & money they‘ll invest in engaging with your biz.

According to the Get Response data, welcoming email has a staggering 91.43%  open rate and 26.90% click through rate!


* If you want them to look forward to your newsletters,
* If you want to use this unique opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitors,
* If you want to offer discounts your offer your services, launch your signature programmes, sell and upsell with success getting

your welcoming sequence right is crucial.

And if you procrastinate to get over with this copy-crafting task, I’d love to take it off your hands!

I’ll custom – tailor your welcoming sequence to speak your brand, send out your vibe, and convey the most important messages to your audience. So we can set the foundation for a long-life, trusting and abundant relationship between your subscribers and you.

The HELLO & WELCOME EMAIL HUG package includes:

1.  Discovery Consult Call
2.  A sequence of 3 emails
3.  Three revisions

OK, I’m sold. What now?

When you show interest for this package, we’ll schedule a Discovery Consult Call. We’ll chat – no strings attached. I want to get to know you and hear all about your business goals, your offer/programme/service, target audience, the freebie you’re giving away, what you want your welcoming sequence to achieve and more. And if I still have questions I’ll send over a detailed questionnaire.

BUT, if you decide not to go through with the package, the call is on me – no sweat. 

If we’re on, I will turn on my copywriting mojo and draft up your emails. You will get all 3 of them in a Google doc.  

I’ll wait for your feedback and revise the emails 3 more times, at no extra charge.

When you approve them they’re good to go and hug your people away.

The investment: $250

But beware, there’s a catch!

This package is brand new and fresh out of the oven.

And you can get the 3 emails sequence at this insanely low price ONLY if you‘re one of the first 3 lucky clients who say YASS! Afterward, the prices go up!

Say YASS! to HELLO & WELCOME EMAIL HUG and start your first email marketing campaign in a jiffy.

Note: Welcoming email sequences with the best impact, SIGN ins and SALES consist of 5 – 7 emails. And I’ll write each additional email to your sequence for $50! Again, this goes only for the first 3 lucky clients.

And, here’s a neat surprise for you:

If you order any other package (or stand-alone service) to go with your 3 emails welcoming sequence, you’ll get a 20% discount on both packages combined.

As an example, HELLO & WELCOME EMAIL HUG would make a great match up with the CUTIE – short form sales page.

Just saying 🙂


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