Sales funnel copywriting for coaches

From copy for landing pages, to email sequences and sales pages – I’ll take care of it.

You help your clients, plan how you’ll spend your money, or chill. Up to you 😋.

You created an amazing offer, priced, validated it, and now it’s time to communicate its value to your audience and sell. To do that, you need to meet them where they are, connect with them, assure them you understand their problem, how it makes them feel, that you know how to solve it, as well as to make it irresistible.

Since it’s impossible to have 1:1 conversation with all of them, the next plausible solution is to communicate to your audience through a sales funnel.

Sales funnels can be as simple as:

Your website + landing page for your freebie + your welcoming sequence + your offer, or so complicated that you need a map to follow. 

Whatever the structure of your sales funnel, the copy for each piece needs to connect to your ideal clients, communicate what they need to hear to convert and to be on-brand, so they know you’re the best coach for THEM.

Sure, you can DIY. But if you are:

🙄 Too deep IN your business to see your offer from your ideal client’s perspective

😶 Too busy helping your clients, running your business, so you don’t have time to write 

🤔 Not a copywriter, and you can’t be bothered to connect all the dots to make your content work

🙂 Aware that a conversion-focused copy that connects well with your ideal clients can xxx

😊 Determined to work with a copywriter who gets invested, cares about your business, results and conversion rates 


No pressure. No strings. 

When you work with me you’ll be

More confident

More excited

Your own voice


And I’m passionate about gathering all the pieces and translating them into the words that will entice your prospect clients to became your actual clients, fill your bank account, and transform their lives for the better. 

sales funnel copywriting

And you’ll get copy that works like magic because it relies on 3 pillars of high converting copy:

Ultra-relevance to your ideal clients



Memorable brand voice

As an author, I have always muddled through writing my own copy but launching a programme is so much work I thought that this time round I would invest in outsourcing my sales copy and have it written by an expert copywriter. Maya Is clearly dedicated to her clients and the outcome they get from her work. She delved deep into my content and my voice and communicated well throughout the procedure. The final copy was great and I felt a huge sense of relief when I saw it all laid out in landing page format and knew I would just have to spend a small bit of time on minor tweaks. I have yet to see if it will convert into sales but I know its a lot stronger than anything I would have come up with so I’m really glad I invested in this.”

Melinda Coss

CEO, MC Global Ltd.

Conversion Copywriter

We’re a good match if:

👉🏻 You have a coaching program, course, or a membership 

👉🏾 You’ve got an established business, audience, and an active community. You’ve been around the block a few times in the online business world.  

👉🏿 You’re ready to level up and make a significant investment in your copy.

If this is you, woohoo! We’re on!

And you should know – when you work with me you also get my

Jigsaw puzzle approach

As a coach, it’s your personal appeal and brand that makes you stand out from the crowd. Not every copywriter out there can xxx your voice and become you! I developed the Jigsaw puzzle approach specifically for that! If we work together the content creation process will go through 3 phases:


sales funnel copywriting
No copy-paste questionnaires

Your business, services and offer differs from other coaches in your niche, let alone from other coaches’ and business owners’.

That’s why I customize every single questionnaire I send to my clients – according to their specific business and needs. 

sales funnel copywriting
The juice is in the conversation

We’ll set up a call so I can get to know you as a coach and a person better, ask follow up questions to fill any gaps left from the questionnaire, and answer yours if you have any. I’ll also naturally soak up your vibes & voice, so I can effortlessly “translate” them to copy.

sales funnel copywriting
Leave the squinting to me

I’ll then research keywords, your competition, your target audience, their language, etc.

sales funnel copywriting
Voice absorption bit

I’ll lightly stalk you on social media – so I get a better feel of your brand voice and steel the words you naturally use in your content ;-). 


sales funnel copywriting
Switching my copywriting mojo on

My caffeine intake goes up.

This is when I start placing all the puzzle pieces where they belong and the captivating copy that’ll dazzle your prospects is on its way!

sales funnel copywriting
Ta - da 😄

I edited, polished and proofread your copy (I’m using Grammarly) and I  clicked “send,” and you’ll get a pretty looking Google doc. and then – it’s your turn. 

sales funnel copywriting

This is what I charge 80% of my fees for – waiting for your feedback 😂.

Finalizing the puzzle

sales funnel copywriting
Play your part

After you share your feedback, comments, questions, and change requests, I’ll edit the copy accordingly, or advise you and give alternative suggestions, and answer your questions. My services include two rounds of edits. 

sales funnel copywriting
Final tweaks

After you launch your website, send your emails or launch your webinar, course/program/membership, etc. send your leads to the landing pages, and get feedback and/or responses, I’ll go in one more time and tweak the copy accordingly. 

sales funnel copywriting
The secret is in testing

We can also agree to further work on improving the conversion rates for a certain period of time.

Let’s create amazing copy for your sales funnel, that’ll not only enable you to transform your clients’ lives but also make you money so you can transform yours.

No pressure. No strings. 

I recommend Maya’s services to anyone who’s out for a sharp and reliable copywriter.

Maya’s been working with us for several months, writing emails, sales pages, and blog posts for specific digital products designed to help people with their personal development. Her copy is full of life, it flows, and, most importantly, it converts. Maya adopted the tone of our websites and our emails quickly and easily and devised engaging copies even for some of our least interesting products (which wasn’t easy). It was a pleasure to work with her!

Jelena Radovanovic

CMO, Guided Mind LTD


I’m Maya,a web content & funnel copywriter

You’re whaaat?

Here’s the thing – I believe you (he, she, it, they, all of us) should have more freedom – more time and money to do what you want, when you want it,  (on a scale from guilt-free Netflix binge watching of your fave TV show to working out your new offer and a launch strategy), more leisure, ease and joy in your business and life.

And the best way to enjoy more joy and leisure, as an online business owner, is to have an effective website copy do the heavy-lifting of converting visitors into leads without you lifting a finger. 

Now, whether you wrote your own copy because the budget is tight, or because you love writing, the more aspects of conversion focused copy you nail down, the better chance you have to actually sell your thing. 

And your copy will perform better if you get an extra set of pro copywriter’s eyes on it. 

I’m a philologist, translator, and a copywriter. I’ve been professionally writing sales copy for nearly 4  years, I’ve created copy for over 100 websites, sales pages, landing pages and emails and I know what works and what doesn’t. 

The investment?

The copy creation for the entire sales funnel starts at 1,000 EUR. But – and you’re going to love this – everything above that depends solely on the success of the copy I write. 

149 EUR ($ 174)

Why should I pay you 149 EUR when I can get website review other copywriters offer for free, or at a very low price?

Fair enough😋

When copywriters offer website reviews for free or at a low cost, they will indeed give you a few useful suggestions on how to improve your website copy.  

But, their main goal is for you to hire them to write a copy for you, and they’ll limit the time they spend on thinking about your ideal clients, business, brand and website goals.  

Even though I also offer to write website copy for you, my intention with Website for coaches makeover plan is to help and guide you to write an as effective and persuasive website copy yourself as it would be if I wrote it for you (or another copywriter). To achieve that, I’ll spend time getting to know your business (hence the questionnaire), goals and brand voice, and then give you personalized and detailed recommendations followed by examples.

So, if you want to hack your way to getting high-converting website copy that’ll get you leads and clients on autopilot, without engaging a full-on copywriter to write it for you.

The sooner your web content is optimized for: “Yass! I need this!” the sooner they’ll start coming.


How long will the website review take?

It’ll take me 4 – 6 working days to review your one page, and 5 – 10 days for the whole website. I’ll be able to give you a more precise answer once you make the request.

How do I pay you?

After I receive your request, I’ll send you the invoice and you can pay through Paypal, even if you don’t have an account with them. All you need is an email address and a credit card.

What if I delegate your suggestions to my VA to apply? Will she be able to implement it easily?

Yes. She can combine both the recording and the written instructions. Aaand if she (or you) have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them in a 30 min Q&A session upon your request.

Do you do website reviews in any language other than English?

Yes, I can also review your website copy in the Serbian language.

Can we talk first? I’m interested, but I’m not sure we’re the best match.

Yes, of course! I’d be happy to chat with you and answer all the questions I haven’t covered here. You’re welcome to book our no-strings-attached FREE 30 min call here.

Ready to optimize your website content for sky-high conversions?