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The tools and 1:1 guidance for coaches, mental health professionals, and soul-driven service-based business owners who want compelling web content that turns visitors into leads & clients.

Your website is a big deal. It’s the mothership of your overall messaging. It’s the place your potential clients go to get the best-rounded impression on your brand, your services, and your offers. 

As long as you pay “the rent” to your hosting provider – it’s your ownership, so no sudden policy and algorithm changes can negatively impact your business. 

Not to mention the potential a website has to make you money on autopilot.

If you’re not keen on writing the content for your website all by yourself, and you’d like to:

👌 Get guidance

 👌 Speed up the process

👌 Finish the content for the whole website in a few hours

👌 Feel excited and confident to show it off

And if you want a website that will get you leads & clients, without breaking a bank, the Shortcut to the stunning website content is for you. 

Save yourself from hours of Googling, followed by a headache caused by hard-to-implement general advice, and get detailed and personalized guidance on how to craft your website content.


Successful websites lie on 3 pillars of high-converting and SEO optimized copy:

Conspicuous Distinctiveness

To amaze your dreamy, high-paying clients on your website, make them recognize you, remember you and look forward to consuming more of your stuff online.

Ultra-Relevance To Your Ideal Clients

To translate who you are, what you do, who you do it for, why, and how, to the messages, your soulmate clients need to hear to act upon.

Mega User-Friendliness

To showcase all the messages where your audience (and almighty Google algorithm) expects to find them, and understand them with ease.

sales funnel copywriting

And that’s exactly the kind of content I’m gonna guide you to create! 

Ready for the nitty-gritty?

Here’s how the Shortcut to a stunning website works: 


When you purchase the Shortcut to a stunning website call, you’ll get:

A questionnaire, so I can get to know your business, biz goals, brand, ideal clients, etc., and hence customize my recommendations and suggestions.

Brand Voice Fusion Vault, a workbook that will help you create a brand voice that stands out. This is not just for your website but for all of your channels of communication.

Ideal Client Avatar Workbook, a file that will help you be 100% clear about who are you talking to through your website.

A customized template for your website content according to your website goals.


I will guide you through these workbooks on the call, in detail.


I will give you step-by-step guidance on how to write your website content based on the template I sent. 


Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Basic SEO
  • Website structure and navigation 
  • Messaging that’s relevant to your ideal clients 
  • Your brand voice
  • Guidance on creating different content sections on your website, with explanations, formulas, and examples
  • Your funnel


 You can expect the call to last 60 – 90 min.


I will be available to answer your web content implementation-related questions via email, Voxer, or Facebook messenger, for 7 days.

And, when you’re done, I’ll be happy to jump over to your website, check it out, and let you know if there’s anything else you could improve. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know EXACTLY what to write to make your website content generate more leads & clients?

Not only you get fabulous and on-brand content for your website, but you’ll also learn to think and write like a copywriter which will make your job a whole lot easier next time you want to write a compelling, client-focused piece of content.

The investment: 339 EUR ($399)

Maya is everything you want in a copywriter – digital marketing savvy, skillful at harnessing the power of words and easy to work with. 

We hired Maya to write a website copy for our new website. The copy needed to be engaging, captivating to our new type of ideal clients and also focused on conversions. We loved working with Maya for she’s straightforward, easy to communicate, collaborative and responsible. And the final copy was spot on! 

Vladimir Andric

CEO, SuperScript.

That sounds great and all, but why you?

Fair enough (Btw, your ideal clients are asking you the same question).


Almost 4 years of experience in copywriting for the web (blog posts, emails, sales pages, websites)

+ designing, creating and SEO optimizing my own website

+ writing copy for 20+ websites ‘n’ sales pages in English and Serbian

+ visiting and analyzing hundreds of successful service-based business owner websites.


Also, before I was a copywriter, I was English to Serbian translator (translation: second cousin to copywriting) which enabled me to deeply understand the difference between the messages one wants to communicate and the messages one needs to receive in order to accept them.

And also because of what she said 👇


Working with Maya was a real treat. As someone who has great difficulty putting my thoughts into cohesive copy, Maya was able to gather who I am and what I offer and magically turn that into awesome and funny copy through an hour-long chat.

I love that she was able to write copy that sounds like it really came from me! I would have never been able to get so clear without her (maybe if I would have had a decade to work on it). She has saved me time, effort and a lot of headaches. To top it all off, she is super easy to work with, has a great personality and makes her whole process really clear so you know exactly what you can expect.

I can most definitely recommend working with her so you can get the clients you want! ” 

Denise Hartgersmutchler

Busniess Owner, OBM, Denise HM

Invest in the Shortcut to stunning website strategy call with me now, and create SEO optimized, stand-out, lead-generation machine with my guidance and support.


What happens when I purchase the Shortcut to a stunning website strategy call?

As soon as I get the notification that you purchased the call, I’ll send you the questionnaire and the link to my calendar for you to book the call.

Do I need to do any prep work, before our call?

Ideally, you would have worked with a business coach, so you know what your overall marketing strategy is, and how your website fits in. And if not, it would be great if you conducted market research, so you got to know your ideal client before writing content for your website aka before our strategy call.

Last but not least, it would be perfect if you “did your homework” with the materials I’ll send, before our call.

Do you do Shortcut to a stunning website strategy call in any language other than English?

Yes, I can do the call in the Serbo-Croatian language.

Can you help me with a sales page in a similar way?

Yes, I can help you create your email campaigns, landing pages and sales pages. Book a free and non-binding call and we’ll discuss your specific needs.

Can we talk first? I’m interested, but I’m not sure we’re the best match.

Yes, of course! I’d be happy to chat with you and answer all the questions I haven’t covered here. You’re welcome to book our no-strings-attached FREE 30 min call here.


Website copy (DFY)

Website Content Makeover plan (review + suggestions for improvement)

Shortcut to a stunning copy (strategy call)

Sales funnel copywriting (DFY)


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