the cutie

short-form sales page

The Cutie will grab your audience’s attention, specify the pain points they’re dealing with and showcase the benefits they’ll have if hiring (or buying from) you.

  • You know your offer and have a solid email list or you’re planning a Facebook (ad) campaign. So now you need a sales page, but you’ve no idea how to create one that’ll sell well?
  • Ok, you have an idea – you’re not born yesterday, but copywriting is not your strongest suit?
  • Would you like a sales page that’ll intrigue your prospects, make them eager to take up on your promise and gently pursue them to take favorable action?
If the answer is yes, I would love to help you sell your stuff.


Your coaching session or a low-cost course is the perfect candidate for a short form sales page if it’s not too heavy on your audiences’ pocket. The rule of thumb is – the more money you need people to invest the longer the sales page should be. So if your service/course/product is pricey, Kaboom may be a better fit.

I’ll custom-tailor the short form sales page to reinforce, show and tell your specific service/product to your ideal client.

With sharp, shine and one goal only.

To get your prospect to invest in working with YOU.

To say YES!

And if you say yes too,

This package includes:

1. Research and a Skype call.

2. Short form sales page – up to 600 words.

OK, I’m sold. What now?

When you order this package, we’ll schedule a Discovery Consult Call (through Zoom or Skype), get to know each other and talk about your business, your goals, brand and the audience you want to reach. We’ll cover the time frame and you can ask me anything you want to know about this offer (or else). I may have some follow up questions, afterward though.

Oh, and if you decide not to go through with the order, the call is on me – no sweat.

I will then do my magic and send you a Google document with your sales page copy, within a week, or so.

After your feedback, I will revise your sales page copy 3 more times, at no extra charge. We can even do some A/B testing if you like.

When you approve the copy, you can put it into action.

The investment: $250

Say YASS to CUTIE, the SHORT-FORM SALES PAGE now! Launch your successful sales campaign and make $$$ in no time.

But beware, there’s a catch!

This package is fresh out of the oven.

And you can get the shortform sales page  at this insanely low price ONLY if you‘re one of the first 3 lucky clients who say YASS! Afterward, the prices go up!

And a neat surprise for you:

If you order any other package (or stand-alone service) to go with your short form sales page you will get a 20% discount on both packages.

As an example, A month-long email campaign (25 emails) is perfect to complement the Cutie.

* * *

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