get your new website copy off the back burner 

And swipe’em off their feet! 

If your website copy is outdated and doesn’t convert well (or at all 😮), you’re leaving pieces of your freedom on the table. Because, more money + more hired help + more free time = more freedom, right?  

And make no mistake – even if, as a coach, you do a bunch of lives, videos, challenges and masterminds, people do check out your website and it does make a difference. 

You don’t believe me? I dare you – go check out your favorite coach or mentor’s profile and see if they have a website.

Then tell me, do you think they did it themselves or they hired a professional to do it?


Not to mention that the only way to get visitors while you sleep aka on autopilot is through you (SEO optimized) and conversion-focused website.

I’ll craft a website copy that speaks your brand, resonates with your audience and converts your visitors into subscribers, sign-ups, and clients.

I really enjoyed working with Maya. She was highly proactive and thought along with me, which is something I find deeply valuable in team members.

Maya’s communication style was very clear and transparent. She took initiative, did her research and was able to beautifully capture my voice. The quality of her work was stellar – her first draft made me laugh out loud.

I would definitely hire her again and can only highly recommend her.

Maggie Giele

Msc, CEO, Maggie Giele

 When you first created a copy for your website, it was, well… viable. (And I’m all for it – done is better than perfect. Always.)

But now, your business took off! 

And you evolved into this new savvy service-based business owner slash lady boss 👠👠 with different skill set, knowledge and experiences. Your ideal clients changed as well.

And so did the way you approach and help them.

No room for panic here, but your website copy better catch up!

Hey, I get it. It’s not that you can’t DIY! You did it before. But copywriting is not your thing. And frankly, who has the time to grapple with the website copy, anyway?

Ahem, I do and I l o v e it! 

So, if your intention to upgrade your website copy simmered on the back burner long enough, and if you’re ready to turn your website into a money making machine, we should talk.

I recommend Maya’s services to anyone who’s out for a sharp and reliable copywriter.

Maya’s been working with us for several months, writing emails, sales pages, and blog posts. Her copy is full of life, it flows, and, most importantly, it converts. Maya adopted the tone of our websites and our emails quickly and easily and devised engaging copies even for some of our least interesting products (which wasn’t easy). It was a pleasure to work with her!

Jelena Radovanovic

CMO, Guided Mind LTD

Maya is everything you want in a copywriter – digital marketing savvy, skillful at harnessing the power of words and easy to work with. 

We hired Maya to write a website copy for our new website. The copy needed to be engaging, captivating to our new type of ideal clients and also focused on conversions. We loved working with Maya for she’s straightforward, easy to communicate, collaborative and responsible. And the final copy was spot on! 

Vladimir Andric

CEO, SuperScript.

We’ll make your visitors fall in love with your brand and offer, and you can start planning that break you’ve been putting off for far too long. 

* The website copy creation rates start from 990 EUR / $1080

* If one payment is too much, you can pay in 2 monthly instalments x 545 EUR

But hey, if you’re still bootstrapping or you’ve already written the thing and all you need is an extra set of eyes on it (if possible, pro sales copywriter’s eyes,) then In-Dept Website Review can be a God-sent gift.

Don’t take my word for it.

Check it out.

Why me?

Because I know:

  • How to capture the unique charisma that helps you drive traffic to your funnels…
  • Combine it with the value you want to share in your emails…
  • And create hot, persuasive copy, SEO and user-friendly copy that’ll enchant your unicorn clients into subscribing to your newsletter, booking your strategy call or even buying your product on spot.

But hey, don’t take my word for it 👇

Yay!!!!!! I love it so much!! It’s amazing how much you are able to put in words what I want to say to the world in a way that I actually would say it.

I only made 2 or 3 comments – besides that I’m super happy with it! 

Thank you so much!!
Denise Hartgersmutchler

Busniess Owner, OBM, Denise HM

If you want sizzling hot and persuasive website copy to capture your unique voice & charisma and  introduce your brand and offers to your audience…

…so that they love it, subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on social media and buy from you…

…enabling you to have more freedom ⌚+ 💲 (That’s the goal right? Or at least one of them 😊)

Don’t wait until I’m all booked up and